My Story…

The best tips come from lessons learned. Here are the aspects of my story, that has shaped what I have to share with you. My mission is to give parenting refreshment to you.

I remember sitting across the counter from my mom as she washed homemade butter or made lasagna noodles. She would tell me stories of her childhood and everything that shaped her heart for her home.

I fell in love with my mom’s vision for family, and because of that, I was aware of her struggles as she did everything she could to give her family the best she had. This is where my heart for motherhood was first established.

In my teen years I started researching every parenting resource I could get ahold of, so when I came into motherhood, my expectations where very realistic. I was ready and prepared. I am so thankful for how this has prepared me for raising our five children.

Wes (my husband) and I grew up homeschooled before it was cool and normal. We have carried that on and are also educating our children in our country home. We love the ranching lifestyle, and have built a thriving six-figure online business, so that we can raise our children in this way of life. We want our children raised on the ranch, working with their hands, and caring for the land and animals God created… to develope a world view that’s biblical, down to earth and has traditional values like strong charicter. We want to create a life where our kids can be with their dad and mom, and learn the most valuable life skills hands on.

So much of what I have to share with you comes from the biggest struggles we have had to overcome.

Both my mom, and my husband's mom where deathly ill when we where young. My mom realized that she had to build up her health, and give her children a step up in their health… it’s why my mom was washing butter and making lausanga noodles from scratch. Most of the work we put into our health is an investment into the next generation’s health! She worked very hard to grow and make the most nutritious home grown and homemade food.

Because of a tick born illness Wes got a couple weeks before we got married, we have also walked a healing journey since we have been married. Because of this heritage, and our own journey, we don’t take health for granted, and we know first hand the impact that illness has on family. Through all of this we have a heart to help other families be proactive in their health, and even walk the road to recovery with them…giving support and sharing resources that have helped us find health again.

The state of our health immensely impacts how we are able to parent, and how much we are able to soak in these short years we have with our children. Never mind the genetic impact!

My folks taught all 7 of us siblings how to be business owners. So, in my teens I started a bird dog breeding business, taught music lessons and worked in our family’s butcher shop. The skills I learnt from working & training animals, and working other businesses has given me perspectives that have given me a rounded and bigger view on parenting, leadership in motherhood, raising children to be entrepreneurs, people skills, and taught me how to coach others in their journey.

These skills have brought immense value and perspective into motherhood and given me helpful illustrations that have helped so much in motherhood. I’m excited to share these with you!

My parenting approach is a combination of proactive parenting, combined with emotional intelligence and built on a foundation of Traditional Values (old fashion).

3 common issues I see parents struggle with are:

-Not coming into parenting expecting to train.

-Not breaking down the teaching and training of character & behaviour into small enough bite sized pieces, that make both the parent and child feel like winners.

-Not taking time to reflect on where you come from, and seeing why you do what you do.

My hope for you is that you will find here the refreshment, inspiration and the creativity you need as a parent to raise your children with strong character, and healthy habits.

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