Welcome to my home,

I’m Cheri

Are you a mama with traditional values wanting

to create a joyful & nourishing home, where your

children can develop strong character, and

healthy habits?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re walking

through a fog, and stuck in a rut of reactiveness,

rather than having the emotional energy and

mental clarity to take in, and create a home you


I’m here to give you refreshing and creative ways

to be a proactive parent, so you don’t feel

reactive anymore!

Here’s a free gift from my home to yours

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It may seem normal for mamas to feel overwhelmed and lost in the journey of motherhood… but it does not need to be that way.

Deep in every mama’s heart is the desire to fully soak in the years we have with our children.

…To feel like we can respond, and not just react to our children.

…To feel like we can talk calmly to our kids… not just out of self control, but because we feel calm.

…To fully enjoy the moments, and have the capacity for them.

Having joy in the home doesn’t mean we don’t face challenges… joy in the home is HOW we face challenges.

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